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Introduction -- using File_DICOM

What is DICOM?

File_DICOM allows reading and modifying of DICOM files. DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine, and is a standard for creating, storing and transfering digital images (X-rays, tomography) and related information used in medicine. This package in particular does not support the exchange/transfer of DICOM data, nor any network related functionality. More information on the DICOM standard can be found at the NEMA site.

Please be aware that any use of the information produced by this package for diagnosing purposes is strongly discouraged by the author. See here for more information.

Using it

File_DICOM can be used to accomplish two things, to retrieve data from a file (including image data), and to set new values for that data (allowing to write the modified file).

Let's see how we could show some relevant data from a DICOM file and export its image data at the same time.

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