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Archive_Tar::extractInString() -- extract one file and return it as a string


require_once 'Archive/Tar.php';

boolean extractInString (string $path)


This method extracts the file identified by path from the archive and returns it as a string. It does not use temporary files.


Return value

string - the content of the extracted file


Table 44-1. Possible PEAR_Error values

Error codeError messageReasonSolution
NULL " Unable to open in read mode archive " The file is exclusive locked by another application. Check for other applications working on the file. This can not be caused by a competive processing the archive with Archive_Tar
NULL " Invalid extractinstring mode mode " Implementation error Should not occur, please set up a bug report.
NULL " Error while opening name in write binary mode " The file could not be created. The file is maybe locked.
NULL " Extracted file filename does not have the correct file size filesize (size expected). Archive may be corrupted. " Read the message. Read the message.


This function can not be called statically.


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