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constructor Gtk2_EntryDialog()

constructor Gtk2_EntryDialog()  -- Create a entry dialog instance.


require_once 'Gtk2/EntryDialog.php';

void constructor Gtk2_EntryDialog::__construct (GtkWindow $parent, GtkDialogFlags $flags, GtkMessageType $type, GtkButtonsType $buttons, string $message, string $default)


Creates a new entry dialog instance. After creating it, you can modify it and finally use the run() to show it and await the input.

You might want to use a more simple constructor, e.g. get() or new_simple()

require_once 'Gtk2/EntryDialog.php';

$id = new Gtk2_EntryDialog(
    null,                       //parent window
    0,                          //flags (GtkDialogFlags)
    Gtk::MESSAGE_QUESTION,      //type of message
    Gtk::BUTTONS_OK_CANCEL,     //which buttons shall be there
    'What\'s your name?',       //the message
    'Don\'t know'               //The default text

$answer = $id->run();
if ($answer == Gtk::RESPONSE_OK) {
    echo 'The name is: ';
} else {
    echo "You cancelled\r\n";


GtkWindow $parent

Parent window (can be null).

GtkDialogFlags $flags

Dialog flags (use 0 as default)

GtkMessageType $type

Message type (e.g. Gtk::MESSAGE_QUESTION)

GtkButtonsType $buttons

Buttons to show (e.g. Gtk::BUTTONS_OK)

string $message

Message to display.

string $default

Default text for the entry.

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