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The PEAR::HTML_CSS package provides a simple interface for handling and generating cascading style sheets.


System Requirements

Mandatory resources :

Optional resources :


Table of Contents
FAQ -- Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions
News -- What is New in version ?

Reference guide

Table of Contents
API -- Application Programming Interface
constructor HTML_CSS::HTML_CSS() -- Class constructor
HTML_CSS::__get() -- Get option for the class
HTML_CSS::__set() -- Set option for the class
HTML_CSS::setXhtmlCompliance() -- Set xhtml flag
HTML_CSS::setCache() -- Set cache flag
HTML_CSS::setSingleLineOutput() -- Set oneline flag
HTML_CSS::setOutputGroupsFirst() -- Set groupsfirst flag
HTML_CSS::setTab() -- Set tab value
HTML_CSS::setLineEnd() -- Set lineend value
HTML_CSS::getCharset() -- Return the charset encoding string
HTML_CSS::setCharset() -- Set charset value
HTML_CSS::getOptions() -- Return all options for the class
HTML_CSS::getStyle() -- Return the value of a CSS property
HTML_CSS::setStyle() -- Set or add a CSS definition
HTML_CSS::createGroup() -- Create a new CSS definition group
HTML_CSS::unsetGroup() -- Remove a CSS definition group
HTML_CSS::getGroupStyle() -- Return CSS definition for a CSS group
HTML_CSS::setGroupStyle() -- Set or add a CSS definition for a CSS group
HTML_CSS::addGroupSelector() -- Add a selector to a CSS definition group.
HTML_CSS::removeGroupSelector() -- Remove a selector from a group
HTML_CSS::setSameStyle() -- Apply same styles on two selectors
HTML_CSS::parseString() -- Parse a string
HTML_CSS::parseFile() -- Parse file content
HTML_CSS::parseData() -- Parse multiple data sources
HTML_CSS::toArray() -- Return the CSS contents in an array
HTML_CSS::toInline() -- Return a string-properties for style attribute of an HTML element
HTML_CSS::toFile() -- Generate CSS and stores it in a file
HTML_CSS::toString() -- Return current CSS parsed data as a string
HTML_CSS::display() -- Output CSS Code
HTML_CSS::getContentDisposition() -- Return the Content-Disposition header
HTML_CSS::setContentDisposition() -- Set Content-Disposition header
HTML_CSS::grepStyle() -- Retrieve styles corresponding to an element filter
HTML_CSS::validate() -- Validate a CSS data source
HTML_CSS::getAtRulesList() -- Return list of supported At-Rules
HTML_CSS::createAtRule() -- Create a new simple declarative At-Rule
HTML_CSS::unsetAtRule() -- Remove an existing At-Rule
HTML_CSS::getAtRuleStyle() -- Get style value of an existing At-Rule
HTML_CSS::setAtRuleStyle() -- Define a conditional/informative At-Rule
Error Handler -- Flexible error handler plug-in system

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