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Introduction -- Generating HTML forms.

What is HTML_Form?

This is a simple HTML form generator. It supports all the HTML form element types including file uploads, may return or print the form, just individual form elements or the full form in "table mode" with a fixed layout.

Range of use

Generally one can use HTML_Form in HTML based projects of any form. But especially when using the package in "table mode" one may soon run into design problems, because the table that is created by HTML_Form cannot be equipped with CSS or other ways to control their look. Thus the main usage area of HTML_Form are sites where design does not play the most important role but where it is necessary to get fast results while keeping the code clean at the same time. (Examples are back office websites or places like, where the package is used at a lot of places.)

Simple usage example

The above example code creates a HTML form that only contains a single textfield with the name "name" and with the label "What's your name" and a submit button labeled "Go, Go".

Supported tags

The following HTML form tags are supported by HTML_Form: textfields, password fields, checkboxes, textareas, submit buttons, reset buttons, select fields, radio buttons, image fields, hidden fields, file upload fields. Additionally one can add blank spaces and plain text to the form.

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