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Replacement for the default renderer of HTML_QuickForm that uses only XHTML and CSS but no table tags, and generates fully valid XHTML output.


Table of Contents
Introduction --  Introduction to HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless
FAQ -- Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions

Important methods

Table of Contents
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::addStopFieldsetElements() -- Adds one or more element names that indicate the end of a fieldset (a new one will be opened when a the next header element occurs)
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::clearAllTemplates() -- Clears all the HTML out of the templates that surround notes, elements, etc.
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setElementTemplate() -- Sets element template
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setCloseFieldsetTemplate() -- Sets the template used when closing a fieldset
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setFormTemplate() -- Sets form template
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setGroupElementTemplate() -- Sets element template for elements within a group
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setGroupTemplate() -- Sets template for a group wrapper
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setHeaderTemplate() -- Sets header template
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setOpenFieldsetTemplate() -- Sets the template used when opening a fieldset
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setOpenHiddenFieldsetTemplate() -- Sets the template used when opening a hidden fieldset (i.e. a fieldset that is opened when there is no header element)
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::setRequiredNoteTemplate() -- Sets the note indicating required fields template
HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless::toHtml() -- returns the HTML generated for the form

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