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Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_element

Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_element -- Base class for form elements


This is a base class for all QuickForm elements. It defines the API that is implemented by all the child classes representing actual form elements. You should use these elements, there is no need to directly instantiate HTML_QuickForm_element.

If you would like to create your own element to use with QuickForm, you should extend this class or one of its descendants and make sure to implement all methods defined here. There is also toHtml() method defined in HTML_Common that should be implemented.

Class Trees for HTML_QuickForm_element

Table 47-1. Classes that extend HTML_QuickForm_element

HTML_QuickForm_groupHTML class for a form element group
HTML_QuickForm_inputBase class for input form elements
HTML_QuickForm_selectClass to dynamically create an HTML SELECT
HTML_QuickForm_staticHTML class for static data
HTML_QuickForm_textareaHTML class for a textarea type field

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