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addBlock() -- Adds a block to the template


require_once 'HTML/Template/Sigma.php';

mixed HTML_Template_Sigma::addBlock (string $placeholder, string $block, string $template)


Adds a block to the template changing a variable placeholder to a block placeholder. This means that a new block will be integrated into the template in place of a variable placeholder. The variable placeholder will be removed and the new block will behave in the same way as if it was inside the original template.

The block content must not start with <!-- BEGIN blockname --> and end with <!-- END blockname -->, if it does the error will be thrown.


string $placeholder

name of the variable placeholder, the name must be unique within the template.

string $block

name of the block to be added

string $template

content of the block

Return value

return SIGMA_OK on success, error object on failure


see HTML_Template_Sigma::addBlockfile()


Table 47-1. Possible PEAR_Error values

Error codeError messageReasonSolution
SIGMA_BLOCK_EXISTSBlock '$block' already existsTried to add a block with a name that is already present in the templateChoose a different name for a new block
SIGMA_PLACEHOLDER_NOT_FOUNDVariable placeholder '$placeholder' not foundThere is no placeholder to replace by a new block in the templateCheck the spelling of the placeholder name
SIGMA_PLACEHOLDER_DUPLICATEPlaceholder '$placeholder' should be unique, found in multiple blocksA placeholder to be replaced by a new block should appear only in one placeCheck the spelling of the placeholder name, choose a different placeholder
SIGMA_BLOCK_DUPLICATEThe name of a block must be unique within a template. Block 'blockname' found twice.The added block contains a subblock that has the same name as the existing oneCheck the $template and rename the block to something else
SIGMA_CALLBACK_SYNTAX_ERROR Cannot parse template function: (error description) Bogus syntax for template function parameters. Fix the template function definition, pay special attention to quoting rules.


This function can not be called statically.

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