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Pager::getPageRangeByPageId() -- Returns offsets for given pageID.


require_once 'Pager.php';

array Pager::getPageRangeByPageId ([integer $pageid = NULL])


Given a PageId, it returns the limits of the range of pages displayed. While getOffsetByPageId() returns the offset of the data within the current page, this method returns the offsets of the page numbers interval.

E.g., in "Jumping" mode, if you have pageId=3 and delta=10, it will return (1, 10). pageID=8 would give you (1, 10) as well, because 1 <= 8 <= 10. pageID=11 would give you (11, 20).

In "Sliding" mode, if you have pageId=5 and delta=2, it will return (3, 7). pageID of 9 would give you (4, 8).

if the method is called without parameter, pageID is set to currentPage number


Return value

return array with first and last offsets

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