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Image_Barcode lets you create barcode representations of strings. The package supports multiple drivers, letting you create barcodes of the following type:

Using Image_Barcode

Creating a barcode is as simple as calling the classes static draw() method after including Image/Barcode.php.

The method has four parameters: The first is the string that shall be converted into barcode representation. The second parameter determines which driver/type should be used; it is one of: Code39, code128, ean13, int25, postnet or upca.

The third parameter of draw() determines the type of the image that is generated; one of jpg, png and gif.

By default, the image generated by the barcode driver is directly output to the browser. If you do not want this, pass false as fourth parameter and draw() will return the GD image resource object; allowing you to do further things with it.

Simple example

require_once 'Image/Barcode.php';
Image_Barcode::draw('1234', 'int25', 'png');

As with all PEAR packages, installing the package also installs some more examples in the docs/Image_Barcode directory of your PEAR installation.

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