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Class Summary Translation2_Admin

Class Summary Translation2_Admin  -- Administration utilities for translation string management

Administration utilities for translation string management

This package is not documented yet.

Class Trees for Translation2_Admin

Translation2_Admin Inherited Methods

Table 50-1. Inherited from Translation2

Method NameSummary
Constructor Translation2::Translation2() Constructor (deprecated in favour of factory())
Factory Translation2::factory() Return a Translation2 instanciated object
Translation2::get() Get translated string
Translation2::getDecorator() Return an instance of a decorator
Translation2::getLang() get language info
Translation2::getLangs() get available languages
Translation2::getPage() Same as getRawPage(), but resort to fallback language and replace parameters when needed
Translation2::getRaw() Get translated string (as-is)
Translation2::getRawPage() Get the array of strings in a page
Translation2::setCharset() Set the correct charset in the database
Translation2::setLang() Set default lang
Translation2::setPageID() Set default page
Translation2::setParams() Set parameters for next string
Translation2::getStringID() Get the stringID for a given string

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