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Net_FTP::get() -- download a file to the computer your script runs on.


require_once 'Net/FTP.php';

mixed Net_FTP::get (string $remote_file, string $local_file [, bool $overwrite = false [, int $mode = null]])


This downloads a file from the FTP server to the computer your script runs on.


Return value

mixed - true on success, otherwise PEAR::Error.


Several errors may be returned by get. The errornumber is unspecific (until now) and will not tell you anything about the errormessage. Possible errors are:

Table 54-1. Possible PEAR_Error values

Error messageDescriptionSolution
Local file '$local_file' exists and may not be overwriten. The local file you specified exists and you did not specify to overwrite it. Set parameter $overwrite = true.
Local file '$file' is not writeable. Can not overwrite. You specified to overwrite the localfile. This did not work. Maybe you don't have the permission to overwrite the file. Check the filepermissions.
File '$remote_file' could not be downloaded to '$local_file'. The download of the remote file failed. This may have several reasons: Maybe the remote file does not exist or the local directory you wanted to download to does not exist or is not writeable.


This function can not be called statically.


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