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Net_Geo::getRecord() -- get geographical information about IP



array getRecord() (mixed $target)


Get geographical information about a list of targets or a single target. Error messages or "OK" are written to element STATUS of the returned array.


Return value

array - Informative array about geographical location of target(s)


Table 54-1. STATUS Error Codes

Error codeError messageReasonSolution
string "OK" "No error occured." Target was resolved properly. NULL
const INPUT_ERROR "User input is unusable target" The target given cannot be used. Check target parameter: A string with a single domain or IP, or a one-dimensional array with domain or IP in every element
const NETGEO_HTTP_ERROR "Netgeo unreachable" A connection to the Netgeo service could not be established. Check (the default server URL used). If the script moved, use the parameter $alternateServerUrl in Net_Geo().


This function can not be called statically.

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