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Managing entries

Managing entries -- Adding/renaming/moving/deleting entries

Adding (fresh or old) entries to the directory

Adding new entries is performed in two ways. First, you need to establish a fresh Net_LDAP_Entry object. After that, you can add that entry like you would add already-existent entries using Net_LDAP's add() method.

Renaming or moving entries

Renaming and/or moving an entry is an operation on the DN of an entry. Moving an entry means, to rename a DN in such a way, that the entry becomes a new base-DN. You can rename or move an entry, if you call the dn() method of the entry you want to relocate. Alternatively, you may call Net_LDAP's move() method that also ca handle only DNs. Remember that you must call the entires update() method to carry out the move/rename. Net_LDAP's move() will move the entry immediately. If you use an entryobject togehter with Net_LDAP's move(), you are able to perform cross directory moves.

Deleting entries

Deleting entries is performed using Net_LDAP's delete() method. Just pass the Net_LDAP_Entry object or the DN of the entry you want to delete. In the case that the DN contains subentrys, you need to pass TRUE as second parameter which will make delete() delete recursive.

A second way exist: You may simply call delete() from the Net_LDAP_Entry you want to delete. Don't forget that you must call update() to carry out the delete in this case.

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