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Search -- Searching entries

A short note on DNs

It may be possible that restricted characters (",", "+", """, "\", "<", ">", ";", "#", "=", space or a hexpair) are used in attributes or values inside the DN. You should have a look to the APIdoc of Net_LDAP2_Util::escape_dn_value(), Net_LDAP2_Util::unescape_dn_value(), Net_LDAP2_Util::ldap_explode_dn() and Net_LDAP2_Util::canonical_dn(). These functions can be used to safely handle DNs.

Searching some entries

After connecting to the server, you can use Net_LDAP's search() method to search the directory. The method takes three parameters:

The search() method will return either a Net_LDAP_Search object or a Net_LDAP_Error. You can use the Net_LDAP_Search-object to trigger further actions like counting how many entries where found or to retrieve the found entries.

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