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Find out how much disk space is consumed by an installed pear package or a number of pear packages - analagous to the unix command df.


System Requirements

Mandatory resources:


Table of Contents
Introduction -- About PEAR_Size
Re-using PEAR_Size -- Embedding it in your own application

Getting started

Table of Contents
Overview -- features and usage patterns
The Command-Line Script -- generating PEAR_Size reports at the commandline.
Outputting Results -- The Output Drivers

Reference guide

Output Drivers

Table of Contents
Overview -- The How and What of Output Drivers
PEAR_Size_OutputFactory::createInstance() -- Create an Instance of an output driver.
PEAR_Size_Output_Driver::display() -- Display specified text
PEAR_Size_Driver::generateReport() -- Generate Report
PEAR_Size_Output_CSV::display() -- Display specified text
PEAR_Size_Output_CSV::generateReport() -- Generate CSV formatted report
PEAR_Size_Output_Html::display() -- Display specified text
PEAR_Size_Output_Html::generateReport() -- Generate HTML formatted report
PEAR_Size_Output_Text::display() -- Display specified text
PEAR_Size_Output_Text::generateReport() -- Generate plain text formatted report
PEAR_Size_Output_XML::display() -- Display specified text
PEAR_Size_Output_XML::generateReport() -- Generate XML formatted report

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