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Find out the minimum version and the extensions required for a piece of code to run


System Requirements

Mandatory resources :

Optional resources :


Table of Contents
FAQ -- Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions
News -- What is New in version ?
Installing PHP_CompatInfo -- two solutions: auto and manual

Getting started

Table of Contents
Overview -- features and usage patterns
Basic detection -- parse data source with default options
Advanced detection -- parse data source with additional options
Conditional Code Analysis -- improve accuracy detection with conditional code
The Command-Line Parser -- parsing data source with CLI
Outputting Results -- how to use the renderer system

Reference guide


Table of Contents
PHP_CompatInfo::addListener() -- Registers a new listener
PHP_CompatInfo::removeListener() -- Removes a registered listener

Parsing Data Sources

Table of Contents
PHP_CompatInfo::parseArray() -- Parse an Array of Files
PHP_CompatInfo::parseDir() -- Parse a directory
PHP_CompatInfo::parseFolder() -- Alias of parseDir
PHP_CompatInfo::parseFile() -- Parse a single file
PHP_CompatInfo::parseString() -- Parse a string
PHP_CompatInfo::parseData() -- Parse a data source

Parser Infrastructure

Table of Contents
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::PHP_CompatInfo_Parser() -- Parser Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::setOutputDriver() -- Set up driver to be used
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::addListener() -- Registers a new listener
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::removeListener() -- Removes a registered listener
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::notifyListeners() -- Post a new notification to all listeners registered
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::loadVersion() -- Load components list
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::getDirlist() -- Returns list of directory parsed
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::getFilelist() -- Returns list of files parsed
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::getIgnoredFiles() -- Returns list of files ignored
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::parseData() -- Parse a data source

Renderer Infrastructure

Table of Contents
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer() -- Base Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::factory() -- Create required instance of the Output 'driver'
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::update() -- Update the current view
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::startWaitProgress() -- Initialize the wait process
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::stillWaitProgress() -- Update the wait message
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::endWaitProgress() -- Finish the wait process
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::isIncludable() -- Checks if in the include path

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