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Generating coverage analysis

Generating coverage analysis -- Step by step

Generating coverage analysis data

  1. Make sure you have a fresh checkout of pear and peardoc directories from

  2. Configure peardoc to generate the manual.xml in there ( autoconf, ./configure).

  3. Call genData.php with the path to peardoc's manual.xml as first, and path to the pear cvs directory as second parameter.

  4. A file called doc.dat will be generated in the current working directory.

Generating HTML reports

Once the coverage data is generated and serialized, you can generate some HTML reports. For this, the packages provides four Renderer classes that all implement the QA_Peardoc_Coverage_Renderer interface:

All the renderers have a examples/gen*.php file that uses the doc.dat file written by examples/genData.php. They echo the html to the console, so you should redirect it into a file.

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