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Column Formatter

Column Formatter -- What can I do with the column formatter?


The column formatter method can be a very powerful solution to a very common need. The need is to customize the output for a cell in the grid such as a link for a form element. This can be easily done by specifying a "callback" function. This function will then return the string that is needed to be printed.

Each callback function needs to accept at least one parameter ($params in the example above). This parameter will contain various information:

An optional second parameter ($args in the example) allows you to pass additional information to the callback functions. In the example above, an array with length information is passed when the callback function printDesc() is called for the description column. Please note that this second parameter is only passed when you specify something in the column constructor. Therefore, it is a good practice to use $args = array() in the parameter list of your callback functions.

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