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Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Array -- Array Data Source Driver


This class is a data source driver for a 2D array

Supported operations modes

This driver supports the following operation modes:

Table 62-1. Supported operations modes of this driver

Multiple field sortingno
Insert, update and delete recordsno


This driver accepts the following options:

Table 62-2. Options for this driver

OptionTypeDescriptionDefault Value
fieldsarrayWhich data fields to fetch from the datasource. An empty array means: all fields. Form: array(field1, field2, ...)array()
generate_columnsboolGenerate Structures_DataGrid_Column objects with labels. See the 'labels' option. DEPRECATED: use Structures_DataGrid::generateColumns() insteadfalse
labelsarrayData field to column label mapping. Only used when 'generate_columns' is true. Form: array(field => label, ...) DEPRECATED: use Structures_DataGrid::generateColumns() insteadarray()
natsortbooleanWhether the array should be sorted naturally (e.g. example1, Example2, test1, Test2) or not (e.g. Example2, Test2, example1, test1; i.e. capital letters will come first).false
primaryKeyarrayName(s), or numerical index(es) of the field(s) which contain a unique record identifier (only use several fields in case of a multiple-fields primary key)null

General notes

This driver expects an array of the following form:
$data = array(0 => array('col0' => 'val00', 'col1' => 'val01', ...),
              1 => array('col0' => 'val10', 'col1' => 'val11', ...),

The first level of this array contains one entry for each row. For every row entry an array with the data for this row is expected. Such an array contains the field names as the keys. For example, 'val01' is the value of the column with the field name 'col1' in the first row. Row numbers start with 0, not with 1.

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