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The package provides methods to monitor system process on Unix-like systems.

Introduction and Features

Table of Contents
Intro -- Introduction to System::ProcWatch
Constants -- Constants defined in and used by System_ProcWatch
System_ProcWatch -- System_ProcWatch
System_ProcWatch::System_ProcWatch() -- Constructor
System_ProcWatch::run() -- Run once
System_ProcWatch::daemon() -- Run in daemon mode
System_ProcWatch::setConfig() -- Set configuration


Table of Contents
System_ProcWatch_Config -- System_ProcWatch_Config
System_ProcWatch_Config::fromXml() -- Get config array from XML string
System_ProcWatch_Config::fromXmlFile() -- Get config array from XML file
System_ProcWatch_Config::fromIniFile() -- Get config array from INI file
System_ProcWatch_Config::fromArray() -- Get config array from an array

Parser Information

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