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Class Summary Services_Weather_Globalweather

Class Summary Services_Weather_Globalweather  -- PEAR::Services_Weather_Globalweather


This class acts as an interface to the soap service of It searches for given locations and retrieves current weather data.

GlobalWeather is a SOAP frontend for METAR data, provided by CapeScience. If you want to use METAR, you should try this class first, as it is much more comfortable (and also a bit faster) than the native METAR-class provided by this package.

For a working example, please take a look at docs/Services_Weather/examples/globalweather-basic.php

Class Trees for Services_Weather_Globalweather

Services_Weather_Globalweather Inherited Methods

Table 67-1. Inherited from Services_Weather_Common

Method NameSummary
Services_Weather_Common::calculateDewPoint() Calculate dewpoint from temperature and humidity This is only an approximation, there is no exact formula, this one here is called Magnus-Formula
Services_Weather_Common::calculateHumidity() Calculate humidity from temperature and dewpoint This is only an approximation, there is no exact formula, this one here is called Magnus-Formula
Services_Weather_Common::calculateWindChill() Calculate windchill from temperature and windspeed (enhanced formula)
Services_Weather_Common::convertDistance() Convert distance between km, ft and sm
Services_Weather_Common::convertPressure() Convert pressure between in, hpa, mb, mm and atm
Services_Weather_Common::convertSpeed() Convert speed between mph, kmh, kt, mps and fps
Services_Weather_Common::convertTemperature() Convert temperature between f and c
Services_Weather_Common::getUnitsFormat() Returns the selected units format
Services_Weather_Common::polar2cartesian() Convert polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates
Services_Weather_Common::setCache() Enables caching the data, usage strongly recommended
Services_Weather_Common::setDateTimeFormat() Changes the representation of time and dates (see
Services_Weather_Common::setHttpTimeout() Sets the timeout in seconds for HTTP requests
Services_Weather_Common::setUnitsFormat() Changes the representation of the units (standard/metric)

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