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Chapter 10. Subroutines

Composing mortals with immortal fire.

—W. H. Auden, "Three Songs for St Cecilia's Day"

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          Recipe 10.1.  Accessing Subroutine Arguments
          Recipe 10.2.  Making Variables Private to a Function
          Recipe 10.3.  Creating Persistent Private Variables
          Recipe 10.4.  Determining Current Function Name
          Recipe 10.5.  Passing Arrays and Hashes by Reference
          Recipe 10.6.  Detecting Return Context
          Recipe 10.7.  Passing by Named Parameter
          Recipe 10.8.  Skipping Selected Return Values
          Recipe 10.9.  Returning More Than One Array or Hash
          Recipe 10.10.  Returning Failure
          Recipe 10.11.  Prototyping Functions
          Recipe 10.12.  Handling Exceptions
          Recipe 10.13.  Saving Global Values
          Recipe 10.14.  Redefining a Function
          Recipe 10.15.  Trapping Undefined Function Calls with AUTOLOAD
          Recipe 10.16.  Nesting Subroutines
          Recipe 10.17.  Writing a Switch Statement
          Recipe 10.18.  Program: Sorting Your Mail

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