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Chapter 11. References and Records

With as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio.

—Shakespeare, Othello, Act II, scene i

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          Recipe 11.1.  Taking References to Arrays
          Recipe 11.2.  Making Hashes of Arrays
          Recipe 11.3.  Taking References to Hashes
          Recipe 11.4.  Taking References to Functions
          Recipe 11.5.  Taking References to Scalars
          Recipe 11.6.  Creating Arrays of Scalar References
          Recipe 11.7.  Using Closures Instead of Objects
          Recipe 11.8.  Creating References to Methods
          Recipe 11.9.  Constructing Records
          Recipe 11.10.  Reading and Writing Hash Records to Text Files
          Recipe 11.11.  Printing Data Structures
          Recipe 11.12.  Copying Data Structures
          Recipe 11.13.  Storing Data Structures to Disk
          Recipe 11.14.  Transparently Persistent Data Structures
          Recipe 11.15.  Coping with Circular Data Structures Using Weak References
          Recipe 11.16.  Program: Outlines
          Recipe 11.17.  Program: Binary Trees
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