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Chapter 12. Packages, Libraries, and Modules

Like all those possessing a library, Aurelian was aware that he was guilty of not knowing his in its entirety.

—Jorge Luis Borges, The Theologians

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          Recipe 12.1.  Defining a Module's Interface
          Recipe 12.2.  Trapping Errors in require or use
          Recipe 12.3.  Delaying use Until Runtime
          Recipe 12.4.  Making Variables Private to a Module
          Recipe 12.5.  Making Functions Private to a Module
          Recipe 12.6.  Determining the Caller's Package
          Recipe 12.7.  Automating Module Cleanup
          Recipe 12.8.  Keeping Your Own Module Directory
          Recipe 12.9.  Preparing a Module for Distribution
          Recipe 12.10.  Speeding Module Loading with SelfLoader
          Recipe 12.11.  Speeding Up Module Loading with Autoloader
          Recipe 12.12.  Overriding Built-in Functions
          Recipe 12.13.  Overriding a Built-in Function in All Packages
          Recipe 12.14.  Reporting Errors and Warnings Like Built-ins
          Recipe 12.15.  Customizing Warnings
          Recipe 12.16.  Referring to Packages Indirectly
          Recipe 12.17.  Using h2ph to Translate C #include Files
          Recipe 12.18.  Using h2xs to Make a Module with C Code
          Recipe 12.19.  Writing Extensions in C with Inline::C
          Recipe 12.20.  Documenting Your Module with Pod
          Recipe 12.21.  Building and Installing a CPAN Module
          Recipe 12.22.  Example: Module Template
          Recipe 12.23.  Program: Finding Versions and Descriptions of Installed Modules

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