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Chapter 13. Classes, Objects, and Ties

All the world over, I will back the masses against the classes.

—William E. Gladstone, Speech at Liverpool, 28 June 1886

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          Recipe 13.1.  Constructing an Object
          Recipe 13.2.  Destroying an Object
          Recipe 13.3.  Managing Instance Data
          Recipe 13.4.  Managing Class Data
          Recipe 13.5.  Using Classes as Structs
          Recipe 13.6.  Cloning Constructors
          Recipe 13.7.  Copy Constructors
          Recipe 13.8.  Invoking Methods Indirectly
          Recipe 13.9.  Determining Subclass Membership
          Recipe 13.10.  Writing an Inheritable Class
          Recipe 13.11.  Accessing Overridden Methods
          Recipe 13.12.  Generating Attribute Methods Using AUTOLOAD
          Recipe 13.13.  Coping with Circular Data Structures Using Objects
          Recipe 13.14.  Overloading Operators
          Recipe 13.15.  Creating Magic Variables with tie
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