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Chapter 14. Database Access

I only ask for information.

—Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

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          Recipe 14.1.  Making and Using a DBM File
          Recipe 14.2.  Emptying a DBM File
          Recipe 14.3.  Converting Between DBM Files
          Recipe 14.4.  Merging DBM Files
          Recipe 14.5.  Sorting Large DBM Files
          Recipe 14.6.  Storing Complex Data in a DBM File
          Recipe 14.7.  Persistent Data
          Recipe 14.8.  Saving Query Results to Excel or CSV
          Recipe 14.9.  Executing an SQL Command Using DBI
          Recipe 14.10.  Escaping Quotes
          Recipe 14.11.  Dealing with Database Errors
          Recipe 14.12.  Repeating Queries Efficiently
          Recipe 14.13.  Building Queries Programmatically
          Recipe 14.14.  Finding the Number of Rows Returned by a Query
          Recipe 14.15.  Using Transactions
          Recipe 14.16.  Viewing Data One Page at a Time
          Recipe 14.17.  Querying a CSV File with SQL
          Recipe 14.18.  Using SQL Without a Database Server
          Recipe 14.19.  Program: ggh—Grep Netscape Global History

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