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Chapter 16. Process Management and Communication

It is quite a three-pipe problem, and I beg that you won't speak to me for fifty minutes.

—Sherlock Holmes, The Red-Headed League

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          Recipe 16.1.  Gathering Output from a Program
          Recipe 16.2.  Running Another Program
          Recipe 16.3.  Replacing the Current Program with a Different One
          Recipe 16.4.  Reading or Writing to Another Program
          Recipe 16.5.  Filtering Your Own Output
          Recipe 16.6.  Preprocessing Input
          Recipe 16.7.  Reading STDERR from a Program
          Recipe 16.8.  Controlling Input and Output of Another Program
          Recipe 16.9.  Controlling the Input, Output, and Error of Another Program
          Recipe 16.10.  Communicating Between Related Processes
          Recipe 16.11.  Making a Process Look Like a File with Named Pipes
          Recipe 16.12.  Sharing Variables in Different Processes
          Recipe 16.13.  Listing Available Signals
          Recipe 16.14.  Sending a Signal
          Recipe 16.15.  Installing a Signal Handler
          Recipe 16.16.  Temporarily Overriding a Signal Handler
          Recipe 16.17.  Writing a Signal Handler
          Recipe 16.18.  Catching Ctrl-C
          Recipe 16.19.  Avoiding Zombie Processes
          Recipe 16.20.  Blocking Signals
          Recipe 16.21.  Timing Out an Operation
          Recipe 16.22.  Turning Signals into Fatal Errors
          Recipe 16.23.  Program: sigrand

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