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Chapter 17. Sockets

Glendower: I can call spirits from the vasty deep.Hotspur: Why so can I, or so can any man, But will they come when you do call for them?

—Shakespeare, Henry IV, part I, Act III scene 1

      Recipe 17.1.  Writing a TCP Client
      Recipe 17.2.  Writing a TCP Server
      Recipe 17.3.  Communicating over TCP
      Recipe 17.4.  Setting Up a UDP Client
      Recipe 17.5.  Setting Up a UDP Server
      Recipe 17.6.  Using Unix Domain Sockets
      Recipe 17.7.  Identifying the Other End of a Socket
      Recipe 17.8.  Finding Your Own Name and Address
      Recipe 17.9.  Closing a Socket After Forking
      Recipe 17.10.  Writing Bidirectional Clients
      Recipe 17.11.  Forking Servers
      Recipe 17.12.  Pre-Forking Servers
      Recipe 17.13.  Non-Forking Servers
      Recipe 17.14.  Multitasking Server with Threads
      Recipe 17.15.  Writing a Multitasking Server with POE
      Recipe 17.16.  Writing a Multihomed Server
      Recipe 17.17.  Making a Daemon Server
      Recipe 17.18.  Restarting a Server on Demand
      Recipe 17.19.  Managing Multiple Streams of Input
      Recipe 17.20.  Program: backsniff
      Recipe 17.21.  Program: fwdport
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