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Chapter 19. CGI Programming

A successful tool is one that was used to do something undreamt of by its author.

—Stephen C. Johnson

      Recipe 19.1.  Writing a CGI Script
      Recipe 19.2.  Redirecting Error Messages
      Recipe 19.3.  Fixing a 500 Server Error
      Recipe 19.4.  Writing a Safe CGI Program
      Recipe 19.5.  Executing Commands Without Shell Escapes
      Recipe 19.6.  Formatting Lists and Tables with HTML Shortcuts
      Recipe 19.7.  Redirecting to a Different Location
      Recipe 19.8.  Debugging the Raw HTTP Exchange
      Recipe 19.9.  Managing Cookies
      Recipe 19.10.  Creating Sticky Widgets
      Recipe 19.11.  Writing a Multiscreen CGI Script
      Recipe 19.12.  Saving a Form to a File or Mail Pipe
      Recipe 19.13.  Program: chemiserie
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