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Chapter 21. mod_perl

Speed is good only when wisdom leads the way.

—James Poe

      Recipe 21.1.  Authenticating
      Recipe 21.2.  Setting Cookies
      Recipe 21.3.  Accessing Cookie Values
      Recipe 21.4.  Redirecting the Browser
      Recipe 21.5.  Interrogating Headers
      Recipe 21.6.  Accessing Form Parameters
      Recipe 21.7.  Receiving Uploaded Files
      Recipe 21.8.  Speeding Up Database Access
      Recipe 21.9.  Customizing Apache's Logging
      Recipe 21.10.  Transparently Storing Information in URLs
      Recipe 21.11.  Communicating Between mod_perl and PHP
      Recipe 21.12.  Migrating from CGI to mod_perl
      Recipe 21.13.  Sharing Information Between Handlers
      Recipe 21.14.  Reloading Changed Modules
      Recipe 21.15.  Benchmarking a mod_perl Application
      Recipe 21.16.  Templating with HTML::Mason
      Recipe 21.17.  Templating with Template Toolkit
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