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Chapter 5. Hashes

Doing linear scans over an associative array is like trying to club someone to death with a loaded Uzi.

—Larry Wall

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          Recipe 5.1.  Adding an Element to a Hash
          Recipe 5.2.  Testing for the Presence of a Key in a Hash
          Recipe 5.3.  Creating a Hash with Immutable Keys or Values
          Recipe 5.4.  Deleting from a Hash
          Recipe 5.5.  Traversing a Hash
          Recipe 5.6.  Printing a Hash
          Recipe 5.7.  Retrieving from a Hash in Insertion Order
          Recipe 5.8.  Hashes with Multiple Values per Key
          Recipe 5.9.  Inverting a Hash
          Recipe 5.10.  Sorting a Hash
          Recipe 5.11.  Merging Hashes
          Recipe 5.12.  Finding Common or Different Keys in Two Hashes
          Recipe 5.13.  Hashing References
          Recipe 5.14.  Presizing a Hash
          Recipe 5.15.  Finding the Most Common Anything
          Recipe 5.16.  Representing Relationships Between Data
          Recipe 5.17.  Program: dutree

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