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Chapter 6. Pattern Matching

[Art is] pattern informed by sensibility.

—Sir Herbert Read, The Meaning of Art

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          Recipe 6.1.  Copying and Substituting Simultaneously
          Recipe 6.2.  Matching Letters
          Recipe 6.3.  Matching Words
          Recipe 6.4.  Commenting Regular Expressions
          Recipe 6.5.  Finding the Nth Occurrence of a Match
          Recipe 6.6.  Matching Within Multiple Lines
          Recipe 6.7.  Reading Records with a Separator
          Recipe 6.8.  Extracting a Range of Lines
          Recipe 6.9.  Matching Shell Globs as Regular Expressions
          Recipe 6.10.  Speeding Up Interpolated Matches
          Recipe 6.11.  Testing for a Valid Pattern
          Recipe 6.12.  Honoring Locale Settings in Regular Expressions
          Recipe 6.13.  Approximate Matching
          Recipe 6.14.  Matching from Where the Last Pattern Left Off
          Recipe 6.15.  Greedy and Non-Greedy Matches
          Recipe 6.16.  Detecting Doubled Words
          Recipe 6.17.  Matching Nested Patterns
          Recipe 6.18.  Expressing AND, OR, and NOT in a Single Pattern
          Recipe 6.19.  Matching a Valid Mail Address
          Recipe 6.20.  Matching Abbreviations
          Recipe 6.21.  Program: urlify
          Recipe 6.22.  Program: tcgrep
          Recipe 6.23.  Regular Expression Grab Bag

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