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Chapter 7. File Access

I the heir of all ages, in the foremost files of time.

—Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Locksley Hall

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          Recipe 7.1.  Opening a File
          Recipe 7.2.  Opening Files with Unusual Filenames
          Recipe 7.3.  Expanding Tildes in Filenames
          Recipe 7.4.  Making Perl Report Filenames in Error Messages
          Recipe 7.5.  Storing Filehandles into Variables
          Recipe 7.6.  Writing a Subroutine That Takes Filehandles as Built-ins Do
          Recipe 7.7.  Caching Open Output Filehandles
          Recipe 7.8.  Printing to Many Filehandles Simultaneously
          Recipe 7.9.  Opening and Closing File Descriptors by Number
          Recipe 7.10.  Copying Filehandles
          Recipe 7.11.  Creating Temporary Files
          Recipe 7.12.  Storing a File Inside Your Program Text
          Recipe 7.13.  Storing Multiple Files in the DATA Area
          Recipe 7.14.  Writing a Unix-Style Filter Program
          Recipe 7.15.  Modifying a File in Place with a Temporary File
          Recipe 7.16.  Modifying a File in Place with the -i Switch
          Recipe 7.17.  Modifying a File in Place Without a Temporary File
          Recipe 7.18.  Locking a File
          Recipe 7.19.  Flushing Output
          Recipe 7.20.  Doing Non-Blocking I/O
          Recipe 7.21.  Determining the Number of Unread Bytes
          Recipe 7.22.  Reading from Many Filehandles Without Blocking
          Recipe 7.23.  Reading an Entire Line Without Blocking
          Recipe 7.24.  Program: netlock
          Recipe 7.25.  Program: lockarea

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