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Chapter 8. File Contents

The most brilliant decision in all of Unix was the choice of a single character for the newline sequence.

—Mike O'Dell, only half jokingly

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          Recipe 8.1.  Reading Lines with Continuation Characters
          Recipe 8.2.  Counting Lines (or Paragraphs or Records) in a File
          Recipe 8.3.  Processing Every Word in a File
          Recipe 8.4.  Reading a File Backward by Line or Paragraph
          Recipe 8.5.  Trailing a Growing File
          Recipe 8.6.  Picking a Random Line from a File
          Recipe 8.7.  Randomizing All Lines
          Recipe 8.8.  Reading a Particular Line in a File
          Recipe 8.9.  Processing Variable-Length Text Fields
          Recipe 8.10.  Removing the Last Line of a File
          Recipe 8.11.  Processing Binary Files
          Recipe 8.12.  Using Random-Access I/O
          Recipe 8.13.  Updating a Random-Access File
          Recipe 8.14.  Reading a String from a Binary File
          Recipe 8.15.  Reading Fixed-Length Records
          Recipe 8.16.  Reading Configuration Files
          Recipe 8.17.  Testing a File for Trustworthiness
          Recipe 8.18.  Treating a File as an Array
          Recipe 8.19.  Setting the Default I/O Layers
          Recipe 8.20.  Reading or Writing Unicode from a Filehandle
          Recipe 8.21.  Converting Microsoft Text Files into Unicode
          Recipe 8.22.  Comparing the Contents of Two Files
          Recipe 8.23.  Pretending a String Is a File
          Recipe 8.24.  Program: tailwtmp
          Recipe 8.25.  Program: tctee
          Recipe 8.26.  Program: laston
          Recipe 8.27.  Program: Flat File Indexes

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