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XMLWriter Functions


This is the XMLWriter extension. It wraps the libxml xmlWriter API.

This extension represents a writer that provides a non-cached, forward-only means of generating streams or files containing XML data.

This extension can be used in an object oriented style or a procedural one. Every method documented describes the alternative procedural call.

Predefined Classes



Resource Types

There is one resource used by the procedural version of the XMLWriter extension: returned by xmlwriter_open_memory() or xmlwriter_open_uri().

Predefined Constants

This extension has no constants defined.

Table of Contents

XMLWriter::endAttribute — End attribute
XMLWriter::endCData — End current CDATA
XMLWriter::endComment — Create end comment
XMLWriter::endDocument — End current document
XMLWriter::endDTDAttlist — End current DTD AttList
XMLWriter::endDTDElement — End current DTD element
XMLWriter::endDTDEntity — End current DTD Entity
XMLWriter::endDTD — End current DTD
XMLWriter::endElement — End current element
XMLWriter::endPI — End current PI
XMLWriter::flush — Flush current buffer
XMLWriter::fullEndElement — End current element
XMLWriter::openMemory — Create new xmlwriter using memory for string output
XMLWriter::openURI — Create new xmlwriter using source uri for output
XMLWriter::outputMemory — Returns current buffer
XMLWriter::setIndentString — Set string used for indenting
XMLWriter::setIndent — Toggle indentation on/off
XMLWriter::startAttributeNS — Create start namespaced attribute
XMLWriter::startAttribute — Create start attribute
XMLWriter::startCData — Create start CDATA tag
XMLWriter::startComment — Create start comment
XMLWriter::startDocument — Create document tag
XMLWriter::startDTDAttlist — Create start DTD AttList
XMLWriter::startDTDElement — Create start DTD element
XMLWriter::startDTDEntity — Create start DTD Entity
XMLWriter::startDTD — Create start DTD tag
XMLWriter::startElementNS — Create start namespaced element tag
XMLWriter::startElement — Create start element tag
XMLWriter::startPI — Create start PI tag
XMLWriter::text — Write text
XMLWriter::writeAttributeNS — Write full namespaced attribute
XMLWriter::writeAttribute — Write full attribute
XMLWriter::writeCData — Write full CDATA tag
XMLWriter::writeComment — Write full comment tag
XMLWriter::writeDTDAttlist — Write full DTD AttList tag
XMLWriter::writeDTDElement — Write full DTD element tag
XMLWriter::writeDTDEntity — Write full DTD Entity tag
XMLWriter::writeDTD — Write full DTD tag
XMLWriter::writeElementNS — Write full namesapced element tag
XMLWriter::writeElement — Write full element tag
XMLWriter::writePI — Writes a PI
XMLWriter::writeRaw — Write a raw XML text