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20.3. SSAS Database

An SSAS database is a container for all objects required for an SSAS solution, as described in Table 20-1.

Table 20-1. SSAS database objects

Database object


Data source

Encapsulates provider-specific connection information used to access source data.

Data-source view

A logical model based on one or more data sources creating a layer of abstraction to the source data.


Multidimensional data structure organized hierarchically along a business attribute and providing an easy and responsive mechanism for querying data.


A combination of hierarchies and attributes used to categorize data according to areas of interest within a cube.

Data-mining structure

A data structure that defines the data domain from which data-mining models are built. The data-mining structure contains mining structure columns that describe the data in the data source.

Data-mining model

Data from the data-mining structure processed using an algorithm that identifies rules and patterns for populating the mining model.


Used to manage security for databases, cubes, and mining models.


CLR managed code that extends the business functionality of MDX and DMX.

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