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Key Terms

Review the following list of key terms:

  • Link Control Protocol (LCP)— A protocol used by PPP to establish, manage, and terminate dial-up connections.

  • Maximum Receive Unit (MRU)— The maximum length for the data enclosed in a PPP frame.

  • modem— A device that translates a digital signal to or from an analog signal.

  • Network Control Protocol (NCP)— One of a family of protocols designed to interface PPP with specific protocol suites.

  • point-to-point connection— A connection consisting of exactly two communicating devices sharing a transmission line.

  • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)— A dial-up protocol. PPP supports TCP/IP and also other network protocol suites. PPP is newer and more powerful than SLIP.

  • Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)— An early TCP/IP-based dial-up protocol.

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