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Key Terms

Review the following list of key terms:

  • DNS (domain name system)— A system for naming resources on TCP/IP networks.

  • domain name— A name assigned to a hierarchical partition of the DNS namespace.

  • FQDN (fully qualified domain names)— The name generated by concatenating a hostname with a domain name.

  • hostname— A single name used to identify a computer (host).

  • LMHosts— A file that associates IP addresses to NetBIOS names.

  • resource record— An entry added to zone files. There are a number of resource record types, and each type has a specific purpose.

  • WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service)— A WINS server is a Microsoft implementation of a NetBIOS name server.

  • zone file— The configuration files used by DNS servers. These text files are used to configure DNS servers.

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