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Hour 15. Remote Access Utilities

What You'll Learn in This Hour:

  • Telnet

  • Berkeley r* utilities

  • Trusted access

Networks are for sharing resources remotely, so almost anything you do on a network could fall within the definition of remote access. Still, by tradition, a few TCP/IP utilities are classified as remote access utilities. These remote access utilities grew up around Unix, but many have been ported to other operating systems. The purpose of these utilities is to give a remote user some of the capabilities a local user might have. In this hour, you'll learn about the popular Telnet application, and you'll learn about the Berkeley r* utilities—a collection of utilities designed to support remote access.

At the completion of this hour, you'll be able to

  • Explain the purpose of Telnet

  • List some of the Berkeley r* utilities

  • Describe trusted access security

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