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My company wants to become an Internet service provider (ISP). We have attempted to establish a Point of Presence (POP) connection with a nearby NAP, but no places are available. How can we get connected?


You can lease bandwidth from a wholesale ISP.


My company wants to create a service for customers to post questions about our products. Every week, a technical expert will post responses to the customers' questions so the answers will be available for all customers. What Internet service should we use?


Use an Internet newsgroup.


My company wants to advertise our products for users on the Internet. We want full graphics capability so that we can show pictures from our catalog. We also want users to be able to download catalogs and other product information. What Internet service should we use?


Use the World Wide Web.


I manage the Web site for a famous rock star. We have posted several intimate pictures of the star, but his fans still tend to think of him as remote. How can I use the tools of the Web to bring the rock star closer to his audience?


One idea would be to host a weekly chat room so that visitors could converse directly with the rock star in real time.

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