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What is the URL of a Web resource called gaunt.html in the thin/MoreThin directory associated with the server



What are the major sections of an HTML document?


The HTML content falls between the <HTML> </HTML> tags. Within these tags are the <HEAD> section and the <BODY> section. The <HEAD> section contains title, style, and control settings. The <BODY> section contains the content that will appear in the Web browser window. The specification calls for a !DOCTYPE statement before the first HTML tag. The !DOCTYPE statement is often omitted.


What HTML tag changes the color of text?


To change the color of text, use the <FONT> tag with the COLOR attribute:

<FONT COLOR="RED"> red text </FONT>

What HTML tag defines a hypertext link?


For a hypertext link, use the <A> tag with the HREF attribute:

<A>I'm All Shook Up</A>

What is the difference between an HTML tag and an XML tag?


HTML tags describe how to display information on a Web page. XML tags simply describe data. The meaning and actions associated with the data are defined by the programmer.


The Web site replaced its video clip of the White Christmas grand finale. The clip used to be called wxmas.avi. The new version is called Why can't I view this clip anymore?


There are many reasons why you might not be able to view this enchanting video clip from One likely reason is the change in the view format, as evidenced by the change of extension from .avi (Audio Visual Interleave) to .mov (QuickTime). Try downloading a version of Quicktime that is compatible with your system, and make sure your browser is configured to recognize the .mov extension.


My home computer receives an IP address through DHCP. I thought that would mean my children wouldn't be able to illegally share music files through their clandestine peer-to-peer Internet community. Now I find they are sharing my vintage Neil Diamond recordings with a pen pal in Sargassus who they know only by the code name Crackling Rose. What went wrong?


The peer-to-peer technique allows users who are currently on the network to register their current IP address with a central server. Users can participate in a peer-to-peer network even if their IP address is temporary because whenever they restart the peer-to-peer application, the application will re-register using the current address.

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