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I can send messages but I can't connect to my mail server to download new messages. What should I check?


Your email reader application uses SMTP to send messages and a mail retrieval protocol (probably POP or IMAP) to check the server for incoming messages. You might have a problem with the transmission of your mail retrieval protocol. Many networks use different servers for incoming and outgoing messages. Your POP or IMAP server might be down. Look for a configuration dialog box in your email reader application that gives the name of your POP or IMAP server. Try to ping the server and see whether it responds.


I'm working onsite at a military institution that uses text-based Unix terminals for electronic communication. What email reader should I use?


Several text-based email readers exist in the Unix world. This hour discussed Pine. Elm is another popular Unix mail application.


A Turkish accounting firm ordered 14 computers from my company. They insist that the email applications included with the computers support MIME. Why are they so adamant?


Email was originally designed to support the ASCII character set, a collection of characters developed for users who write in English. Many characters used in other languages are not present in the ASCII set. MIME extends the character set to include other non-ASCII characters.

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