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Key Terms

Review the following list of key terms:

  • agent— The software loaded on to a host that can read the MIB and respond to a monitor with the desired results. Agents have the capability to transmit unsolicited messages to the monitor when significant abnormal events occur.

  • Management Information Base (MIB)— A hierarchical address space used by monitors and agents. Specific parameters within the MIB are located by using dotted notation from the top of the MIB structure down to the MIB address you want.

  • network management console— A workstation running network management software that is used to monitor, maintain, and configure a large distributed network.

  • network monitor— Another name for a network management console.

  • probe— Another name for an agent. The term is often used in situations involving RMON.

  • remote monitoring (RMON)— An extension to MIB that provides enhanced capabilities over traditional SNMP functions. To store data in the RMON MIB, the agent or probe must include RMON software.

  • SNMP— Simple Network Management Protocol. A protocol used for managing resources on a TCP/IP network.

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