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Chapter 16: Web Forms: Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Tables, and Panels

Main Page

    Checkbox Lists
    Radio Buttons
    Radio Button Lists
    Immediate Solutions: Using the CheckBox Class
    Creating Checkboxes
    Using the ListControl Class
    Using the ListItem Class
    Using the CheckBoxList Class
    Creating Checkbox Lists
    Using the RadioButton Class
    Creating Radio Buttons
    Using the RadioButtonList Class
    Creating Radio Button Lists
    Using the Table Class
    Using the TableRow Class
    Using the TableCell Class
    Creating a Table
    Using the Panel Class
    Creating Panels

In Depth

In this chapter, I'll take a look at a number of popular Web server controls: checkboxes, checkbox lists, radio buttons, radio button lists, tables, and panels. These are all basic controls that you find yourself using quite a lot, and we'll add them to our programming arsenal in this chapter.

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