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Chapter 10: Windows Forms: Image Lists, Tree and List Views, Toolbars, Status and Progress Bars, and Tab Controls

Main Page

    Image Lists
    Tree Views
    List Views
    Status Bars
    Progress Bars
    Tab Controls
    Immediate Solutions: Using the ImageList Class
    Creating Image Lists
    Using Image Lists with ListView, TreeView, ToolBar, TabControl, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, and Label Controls
    Using Image Lists with Picture Boxes and Other Controls with Image or BackgroundImage Properties
    Using Image Lists with Other Controls
    Adding Images to Image Lists in Code
    Using the TreeView Class
    Using the TreeNode Class
    Creating Tree Views
    Handling Tree View Events
    Using Checkboxes in Tree Views
    Creating Tree Views in Code
    Using the ListView Class
    Using the ListViewItem Class
    Creating List Views
    Creating List Views in Code
    Selecting List View Views
    Handling List View Item Selections
    Handling Column Clicks in List Views
    Using Checkboxes in List Views
    Using the ToolBar Class
    Using the ToolBarButton Class
    Creating Toolbars
    Handling Toolbar Button Clicks
    Creating Toolbar Drop-down Buttons
    Connecting Toolbar Buttons to Menu Items
    Creating Toolbar Image Buttons
    Adding Combo Boxes and Other Controls to Toolbars
    Adding Buttons to a Toolbar at Run Time
    Using the StatusBar Class
    Using the StatusBarPanel Class
    Creating Simple Status Bars
    Adding Panels to a Status Bar
    Displaying Text in Status Bar Panels
    Displaying Icons in Status Bar Panels
    Handling Status Bar Panel Clicks
    Using the ProgressBar Control
    Creating Progress Bars
    Using the TabControl Class
    Using the TabPage Class
    Creating Tab Controls
    Displaying an Icon in a Tab
    Creating Multiple Rows of Tabs
    Arranging Tabs Sideways or on the Bottom
    Displaying Tabs as Buttons
    Hot-Tracking Tabs
    Adding New Tabs at Run Time
    Adding Controls to Tab Pages at Run Time

In Depth

In this chapter, we'll take a look at seven popular Windows forms controls—image lists, tree views, list views, toolbars, status bars, progress bars, and tab controls—to round off our study of Windows forms controls (although we'll see the data grid control later, when discussing data handling). There's a lot to cover here, but of course we're going to go beyond the ordinary, using image lists to draw not only in the controls that have an ImageList property, but also in virtually any control; seeing how to add not only buttons to tool bars but also to other controls such as combo boxes; taking a look at "hot tracking" in tab controls (which changes tab appearance when the mouse moves over them); and so on.

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