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Using the TableCell Class

The TableCell class represents a cell in a Table control. Here is the inheritance hierarchy of this class:


You can use the Text property to get or set the contents of the cell. You can specify the contents in the cell with the HorizontalAlign and VerticalAlign properties, and use the Wrap property to specify whether the contents of the cell wrap in the cell. And you also can specify how many rows or columns in the Table control are occupied by one single cell with the RowSpan and ColumnSpan properties, which set, respectively, how many rows and columns should be spanned by that cell.

You can find the notable public properties of TableCell objects in Table 16.18. (This class has no non-inherited methods or events.) Note that as with other Web server controls, I am not listing the notable properties, methods, and events this class inherits from the Control and WebControl classes you can find them in Chapter 15, Tables 15.1 to 15.5.

Table 16.18: Noteworthy public properties of TableCell objects.




Gets/sets the number of columns the cell spans.


Gets/sets the cell content's horizontal alignment.


Gets/sets the number of rows the cell spans.


Gets/sets the text in the cell.


Gets/sets the cell content's vertical alignment.


Gets/sets whether the cell content wraps.

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