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Creating a Windows Service Installer

After you've created a Windows service, you need an installer. You can create one by clicking the "Add Installer" link, as we did in the WindowsService example in the In Depth section of this chapter. (This link is visible at bottom right in Figure 25.2.)

Here's the code for the installer in the WindowsService example, Project Installer.vb:

Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Configuration.Install

<RunInstaller(True)> Public Class ProjectInstaller
    Inherits System.Configuration.Install.Installer

#Region " Component Designer generated code "

    Public Sub New()

        'This call is required by the Component Designer.

        'Add any initialization after the InitializeComponent() call

    End Sub

    'Installer overrides dispose to clean up the component list.
    Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Dispose(ByVal _
        disposing As Boolean)
        If disposing Then
            If Not (components Is Nothing) Then
            End If
        End If
    End Sub

    'Required by the Component Designer
    Private components As System.ComponentModel.IContainer

    'NOTE: The following procedure is required by the Component
    'It can be modified using the Component Designer.
    'Do not modify it using the code editor.
    Friend WithEvents ServiceProcessInstaller1 As _
    Friend WithEvents ServiceInstaller1 As _
    <System.Diagnostics.DebuggerStepThrough()> Private Sub _
        Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1 = New _
        Me.ServiceInstaller1 = New _
        Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Account = _
        Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Password = Nothing
        Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Username = Nothing
        Me.ServiceInstaller1.ServiceName = "Service1"
        Me.Installers.AddRange(New _
            System.Configuration.Install.Installer() _
           {Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1, Me.ServiceInstaller1})

    End Sub

#End Region

End Class
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