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What's in This Book

Just about everything we could write about Visual Basic .NET is in this book, and that's a lot of ground to cover. From a complete language reference to ADO.NET database programming, from creating Web applications to dragging and dropping data adapters onto forms, and from creating Windows and Web controls to setup programs, it's all here (or almost all of it anyway!).

Here's some of what we'll see in this book:

In addition, the CD that accompanies this book holds the code for all the major projects we develop—to see how to use those projects, take a look at the readme.txt file on the CD. All the examples in this book have been tested by at least two people on two different machines, and each example has been carefully verified to work as it should. (Here's an important note—in the past, Microsoft has changed Visual Basic without changing major or minor version number, and these unannounced changes have meant that people with the new Visual Basic can't get some examples in the book to work—see the readme.txt file on the CD for more details. I try my best to keep up with these unannounced changes, but you should know that all the examples in the book have been fully tested—if you get compilation errors with an example, one thing to check is if Visual Basic itself has been changed. If you suspect it has, please send me email via Coriolis at once so I can get a fix up on the book's Web site quickly for everyone else.)

That's just some of what's coming up—Visual Basic .NET is a big topic, and the topics we'll cover number in the hundreds. And if you have suggestions for more, please send them in!

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