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Chapter 17: Images, Image Buttons, List Boxes, Drop-Down Lists, Hyperlinks, and Link Buttons

Main Page

    Image Controls
    Image Buttons
    List Boxes
    Drop-down Lists
    Link Buttons
    Immediate Solutions: Using the Image Class
    Creating Image Controls
    Using the ImageButton Class
    Creating Image Buttons
    Using the ListBox Class
    Creating Single-Selection List Boxes
    Creating Multiple-Selection List Boxes
    Adding Items to List Boxes at Run Time
    Using the DropDownList Class
    Creating Drop-down Lists
    Using the HyperLink Class
    Creating Hyperlinks
    Using the LinkButton Class
    Creating Link Buttons

In Depth

In this chapter, we're going to take a look at quite a number of Web server controls: image controls, image buttons, list boxes, drop-down lists, hyperlinks, and link buttons. Some of these controls are similar to each other; in fact, they're sometimes supported by variations of the same HTML element. For example, hyperlinks and link buttons are both supported with the <a> element, and list boxes and drop-down lists are both supported by the <select> element. I'll look at these controls in more depth now.

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